D3D Device Being lost

I think you misunderstood the test. No mods. Single player, fresh save. No placeables anywhere. If THAT doesn’t crash, then you at least have a place to start.

I’ll quote myself

So everything works even with the highest effect settings, regardless of whether it’s a new or old savegame or in single or multiplayer, until you set up certain mod placebles. Well, you can now blame it on mods and you’re right, but if it happens with many very well-known mods that also have the latest dev kit version, there must be something wrong with the dev kit or the engine.

Ok if it works in base game without mods, its solved. As a mod author I can tell you, we have to upkeep our mods and thats on us if we want people to use them. The devkit is given to us free of charge, and has been with a couple weeks advance of release now for awhile. Its up to us to update them, not funcom. Its up to the player to decide what level of vulnerability they place their game save with mods. Funcom cannot stop updating the game due to this. We adapt our mods or abandon them.


:sweat_smile: Bem acho que está fazendo algo muito errado acabei de instalar o conan e jogar em uma GTX1050Ti e funciona mesmo dentro de mapa MOD savage wilds com tudo no máximo… Quem quiser jogar o servidor é aberto no Brasil para todos Steam e EPIC (PC) :star_struck: