PC PVP 60 slot server friendly fair admin with admin events! Vegas(West Coast)

Fresh new 60 slot PC pvp server hosted in the Las Vegas with a friendly fair admin. Trying to make official as possible with cool admin events for the community with prizes as soon as we get enough players. Will have bonus weekends, weekend events, dedicated discord server with clan voice/chat channels and a general chat for all. Come join us have fun, build and play the way you wish! If you have any questions please reply to this thread, server info below.

Server Name:
Vegas525 friendly fair admin/ 2x XP weekend/ Admin events

Hey, sounds good. A few questions:

Are there any mods installed? Are you thinking of setting up conflict windows etc? Can you provide a bit more information like the server ip:port and also a discord invite link (hopefully a no time limit one) etc? Thanks in advance. Me and 3 other players are looking for a new home.

Hey MerryJane, there are no mods on the server. You can find us on the Topconanservers using the server name. I’ll send you a DM for the discord server. The link will not expire.

Server IP/Port:

Server is down for time being. Not sure what happen but we placed a Ymir God altar, they disappeared and caused the server to have a critical error and won’t boot back up now. We are working on trying to fix the problem apparently our server is not the only one that has had this issue. Will post updates as soon as we have them, thanks for your patience and we will be back up as soon as we can.