[PC] PvP Modded server with friendly community!

Server name: GREED|Hx9|Mods|10xp|AoC|EEWA|SoS|E-C|Feb11



Arena (4 Beasts to choose from) -more in future-
Jousting Arena.
Strip Club. (with working bar)
Trading Area.
Tavern (with working music)
Every single NPC at the Greed hub has dialogue.
Easter eggs.
Warps to every obelisk.
Active Admin who tries his best to be innovative with the server for his players. <3
Night time = 0.5
Day time = 1.5
Raids disabled for new players.
Starter kits.
Server is backed up every 12 hours.
much much more.


Greed is a server for the people who want a fair start, good experience, welcoming community to be apart of and to be showered with regular added features/buildings to the exiled lands and experience. Join the discord for more information (Discord is in-game chat).


  1. Pippi.

  2. AoC.

  3. EEWA.

  4. Fashionist.

  5. Kerozardz.

  6. Hosav’s Extensive Server and Class Mod.

  7. Exile Architect.

  8. Extended Cartography.

  9. Pythagoras.

  10. Pythagoras Support Support Beams.

  11. Shadows of Skelos vol 2.

  12. Shadow of Skelos Extended.

  13. Trinkets & Tunes.

  14. Aquilonian Passion Body.

  15. High Stack & Low Encumbrance.

  16. Unlock PLus (With Pickup+).

  17. Less Building Restrictions.

  18. Hosav’s UI Modification.

Hope to see you there exiles!

-server will be upgraded depending on the demand!-