PC-PVP !NEW! West Coast USA / Relaxed noob friendly server x3 harvest


The Land Of “Wacken” is a place in the real world where metal heads meet up across the globe to partake in one hell of a festival, why not try and bring that chill atmosphere’d mentality to a great game such as this??

Brand new server as of 28 Nov 2018 Old players returning to hopefully get another good run with this well put killing machine. We are in search for new players to grow the community and have fun exploring, building, and fighting!!!

PVP times are 24/7 currently but open to suggestions
x3 harvest and open to mod requests.
God are turned off so not one clan can control others but will be turned back on if the community wanted it unanimously.
happy to take any new players and show them some pointers if needed!

Saturdays are now a rotating PvP event hosted by the Admins per request of the community. Arena’s have been built, new battlegrounds will be marked off, rotational events to keep the bloodlust flowing each week. Rewards will be proportionally distributed to those who emerge victorious and prove themselves worthy!! No skill is required to just come and have some fun!
server name = The Land of Wacken (noob friendly)
server discord= discord.gg/E33tVPS

Still looking for new members of any type or kind!! got some chill people so far but always welcoming new players or groups looking for relaxed people and pvp! come build and explore with us!

We have 15 players now and things are coming along nicely. Server is stable and there is nice communication for when the server needs a restart or update. Great little community growing right now and the door is always open to new players!

This weekend will be the first go at a PVP event so something new to look forward to that!

We have a weekly PVP event established with a reward system to those who prove themselves worthy!! come seek your thirst for vengeance that all who have done you wrong and conquer those who oppose you in the arena from hell!

The server offers both weekly content and a constant flow of new things to do and things to experience. Come check it out today and i can personally guarantee that you will not be disappointed!

** any clan size wishing to find a new home is welcome!!

Never going to stop looking for new people! another week down so another PVP event this weekend!

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