PC - Question - Hotfix download

This may seem like a stupid question (and it probably is a stupid question).

How can I tell if I am running the latest version of Conan Exiles on my PC?

How do I download/install the hotfix?

The updates install automatically on Steam. You only need to exit the game for it to install the latest patches.

And you can check your version of the game in the main screen of the game, or in the options menu in-game. It’s located in the bottom of the screen. :wink:

P.S.: No such thing as a stupid question here^^


I did see the version on the game screen, but was not sure if it was the most recent.

I recently installed the PC version on a new laptop after playing the Xbox version since EA. I am new to STEAM and was not sure how it worked. I searched on STEAM but could not find the answer.

Thanks again.

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