(PC)Religion ritual weapon is not working after last update

Set’s knife is not giving hearts etc.

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Yes, this is an issue on dedicated servers (not coop) and we are looking into it.

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On PC official #2 PVE fast server The hoar-frost hatchet haven’t yield ANY iceshards. I killed a whole forest not a single shards were dropped. So not just the set knife bugged it seems.

still not working for me :confused:

PC, Private server.
No hearts from Set’s knife for me either. (Also the durability is extremely low)

They changed Ymir from choppng up trees to chopping up corpses. Thus it is affected by the same bug as the other religions.

Can’t harvest bodies at all. Not even with axe, pick, butcher knife, or skinning knife.
A sad day when a cannibal tribe can’t eat their preferred meal!

All jokes aside, this bug should be top priority perhaps? Religion is a seriously important aspect of the game, and currently it is absolutely unusable.

Alguma novidade?
Por favor, invistam mais no servidor dedicado, é ele que reúne pessoas massivamente.

Any news?
Please invest more in the dedicated server, it is the one that reunites people massively.


Tested it today, still not fixed…