Ritual Weapons and Human Flesh


So after dropping the millionth stack of human flesh and 3 whole arms while, ahem, fulfilling some corpses with Derketo’s kiss, I thought “enough is enough!” and came to the place everyone goes with their gripes:

Online forums.

My very simple suggestion is this: religion weapons only harvest religion materials. No increased drops, just a specific tool for obtaining specific materials. You can harvest human flesh with plenty of other weapons, but if a Set acolyte is carving out a person’s heart, it’s unlikely they’re going to take their legs as well. Unless that’s their thing, in which case there’s plenty of legs in the Exiled Lands and axes to chop them with.


Signed, everytime im getting hearts, i have to drop the kilos of flesh that comes along.


Agreed. Only Yog’s ritual tools should harvest any flesh and it should be a small amount. Just enough for a cannibal to live off of, not kilos.


Im with you guys. Way too much human flesh is slowly rotting around npc camps. I know we are supposed to be barbarians but this it’s absolutely disgusting!


Thank you for the feedback. :slight_smile: I’ve made the suggestion to the team.


That’s awesome to hear! Thank you for considering it :grinning:


That is indeed great to hear, by crom!
Can i push my luck and also ask that animal heads be also unaffected by harvest multipliers? :slight_smile: