Disable human parts loot

If your chosen religion has no use for human flesh or leg or arms whatnot, would it be to much to ask for to have a tick box somewhere in menu or as a modifier to your religion’s harvest tool?
So that you only harvest what you need: lingering essence for Mitra, hearts for Set, Ice shards for ymir etc.
Getting really tired of the hundreds of pieces of human meat slushing about in my bags after a few kills.

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  1. Those arms and legs may serve as neat, fresh and squishy weapons.
  2. Try putting all that meat into a fluid press… :wink:

First off I would like all religious materials to have no decay… or all of them having it, as their source has been set to be the same as well.

hi, while am not trying to promote canibalism, in the game there are actually quite a lot of uses for it.

for example:

  • you can put them in a Fluid Press to extract liquids. (for other uses but also make blood sausage for food, which lasts quite a while)

  • you can eat them once your survival goes to i think 10 or 20 points as regular food which heals you without any food poisoning.

  • you can arms and legs as pretty hefty weapons (especially for thralls if you dont have or dont want to make any to use up better resources just yet)

  • you can make tasty soups (mystery meat soup) :slight_smile: including hunger and hydration.

  • and also some thralls will eat it, plus some animals actually have different chances of outcomes, depending on what you give them, like i think crocodiles need it as food too.

(apart from basic cooking of raw into cooked, some of the less basic actions, also can give you a bit of experience to help you level up in the long run) ive got about 5k blood from putting not just those, but other things found in a press, and will make some more sausages for my thrall followers after the current batch of food gets low.)

there are more things that you can do with them (including gardening related, candles etc but i dont want to spoil it for you too much) :slight_smile:

ahh just saw your post nuria :slight_smile:

yes but why so many? i have literally hundreds after a few kills with harvest amount set to 2 and some of them have more than 2 arms from 1 single kill.
atleast cut the amount in half so we can make double amounts of kills before you get encumbered from meat

ah i still play with 1x harvest drops, (only set experience to x2, and set Thrall/Crafting speeds to be quicker, but fuel/food to burn quicker too - just to help combat some crashes due to lowspec computer)

it could just be its a lot, or extra for you with harvest rates, but near the start with low tools usually you can only make about a couple or a few soups per person. (well, the person who was invited…‘for’ dinner) :smiley:

still think there should be an option to disable it or someone make a mod :stuck_out_tongue:

I feed all my pet wolves crocs an tigers all the human parts as soon as I get back to camp put all my wolves to 17 day crocs to twenty before pets I just throw all that awaylol

yes the pets and the weel´s loves the flech…

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