Disable Human Flesh

is it possible to dissable annoying Human Parts like Human flesh or arms or legs? I really don’t know what tf is going on in the head of the developer. What’s the Point? Every time when i farm essence for the gods i get human parts. Who needs Human flesh???! If someone want Human flesh then he should use Cleaver. I dont need that. How can i disable this garbage for ever?


You can just drop it, I guess? :man_shrugging:

Although I don’t see why, as it’s an excellent source of blood – just put it in the fluid press. It’s useful not only for alchemy, but also for blood sausages, which happen to give the highest healing to sabretooth tigers.


There is a mod to address that very concern. Try out:



BlockquoteWho needs Human flesh?


Just saying.


hint of what you’re doing I guess

cannibals, farmers, cooks

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Personally, I agree with the OP. If I want human flesh to produce blood, etc. I can always just use a cleaver. If all I’m interested in is collecting religious offerings, then having to keep clearing out my inventory of arms, legs, and flesh is yet another annoyance to have to contend with.


and I’ll emphase, that’s how religion works, it’s messy
don’t like it? follow Crom


I guess it’s a good reminder that you just killed a human being and skinned his hide to craft your stuff.


It’s really annoying. I’am wearing heavy armor. The Armor and the Weapons make about 75% of my carrying capacity. When i go to the black galeon to farm souls after 4 - 5 enemies i’am overloaded. And I have to go in the inventory to throw all the garbage out again, every time. Can you imagine how often you have to go into the inventory when you go to the black galleon to farm souls? :S

Yeah no. This is a game. Intentionally making gameplay annoying doesn’t make it compelling, it just makes it annoying.


Does this “NoMoreHumanParts”-Mod only work in single player or also in multiplayer? I play on several servers

Hush. Don’t give away the innermost secrets to noobs.

As far as I know, it works with the server settings just like any other mod.

In single player, you are the server administrator; so whatever mods you load, that’s what the game runs.

In multi-player, you are the guest (unless its your private server); so whatever mods the admin runs on that server, applies to everyone. In fact, a player cannot join a modded server unless that player also loads all the mods used on that server.

On official multi-player online servers, there is no admin and thus there are no mods.

So if you want to run a particular mod in a multi-player online game mode, you’ll need to contact and persuade the admin of the private server to run the mod (and thus, all the players on that server would have to run that mod, too).

That explains it. I also wear heavy armor and carry a bunch of weapons, but I guess I’ve invested enough into enc to not have that problem. I guess that’s the big difference.

Short of using mods, I don’t know of any way to completely solve it. :man_shrugging:

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So wait, one can change their atts to match what they are doing??? Non-sense i say. NON-SENSE!!!


I find it annoying too, but it feels to me as part of the game. It worked as reminder of the atrocity my character just did. I just do as CodeMage suggested, drop it. Other than that, I avoid skinning or using the cleaver on human bodies.

I find it weird I can get 3 arms or 3 legs sometimes >_>

Also…imagine if PP necklaces came to be! Or Ear ones. XD


Yeah, finding arms and legs is the most annoying part of this, is not even fun after the first times, now finding 3 legs from the same corpse is really weird, lol.

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Finding weird body parts is a Funcom tradition.

In Age of Conan, there was a quest to collect testicles from Lemurian remnants. Yes, cut off their balls.

Some had one. Some had two. And their queen could give up to three. Was that the explanation why some of her subjects only had one ball? Or was there something else going one?

So… finding three legs on a human in Conan Exiles seems logical. In a Funcom way.