Make animals kills give meat

I’ve killed 5 panthers now and have received nothing edible as my character starves.

Im not sure how killing animals doesn’t produce meat every single time as animals ARE meat, that’s what all animals are made of… but to be running around frantically killing animal after animal after animal and getting nothing to eat just seems silly.

Even if it’s ONE meat you should be able to eat after every kill, regardless, it’s clear the current drop rate is way too low.

build fish traps… and never again worry about food…


Also, try using a hatchet or cleaver to harvest meat, daggers and picks will give you hide


I appreciate the attempt but I know all that already, that said I go exploring fish traps don’t help you in the wild, sometimes I’m far away from my base, food spoils or you just run out, at that point simply killing any animal should give you SOME food, it’s silly to go hunting and kill EIGHT animals and get no food, EVERY single animal should give food as they would in real life.

I didn’t get one feral meat until my ninth panther, ridiculous

ignoring the obvious of every animal has a head so how do I not have on after killing two mammoths, where the hell is the fur?! They are giant deep pile rugs even if I butcher them for meat there should still be bloody fur every where.

Carry a cleaver, use a cleaver. Problem solved.

I get that, and yes it is a great mechanic that certain tools give certain returns, but these tools should make it EASIER, they should not be a blanket requirement.

For example yes the cleaver should give a guaranteed 5+ meat, but any tool that can give 5 meat should always give at least 1. That’s not much but enough to survive in a pinch in a game with survival in the tag line.

That’s said I feel not getting anything in 8 tries seems just too low regardless


I get what you are saying but at the same time this is a direct mechanic of the game so it’s kinda the point of having different tools also how are you having food spoil to fast I just take a stack of fish and I have food for days it doesn’t spoil that fast.

Really the issue appears to be that you want the game made easier (change in mechanics) solely because you are too lazy to use the designed tools.


I agree completely. You should always get some meat. In a pinch though. A quick campfire and gruel can buy you time. The resources are everywhere. Even in the desert u can usually find a bush or two and some wood or branches. Otherwise try cooking up food with a longer decay timer before going out.

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So in your opinion getting ONE food is going to break a game where using the same tool I often get five or more? That’s just silly.

Or do you think it is so hard to run around killing the animals near by? No, that’s also silly… it’s just TIME CONSUMING

I don’t want it easier I want it more time efficient and in turn more enjoyable.

I’m sitting here killing nine damn panthers so I don’t have to run all the way back to my base or else where to get a tool I may not have on me for a plethora of gameplay reasons, and OFTEN animals drop 5 or more regardless, that’s the current game mechanic… so in fact the current system is actually far easier.

The issue is this game is rated M meaning everyone playing is a damn adult, we have lives to live and things to do. So making it more time efficient is not a bad thing it keeps people playing and engaged and in turn keeps the game supported and growing.

And to be clear, by the time I killed the 9, 10 and 11 panther I had around 20 meat, which is more than 1 per panther, I’d preferred to have saved a 3rd of my time and killed 3 panthers and had 3 or 4 food so I could hurry up finish what I was doing over there and get on with it.

You want the game to be more efficient… then carry the right tools for the job. You will never have that problem again. They don’t weigh much and you are just being lazy. Don’t ask for the game to change because you don’t want to play it the way it was meant to be played.

Honestly you just got unlucky with those panthers. If you aren’t using the right tool, your spoils from a mob will be random. You use the right tool and you will get what you want every time.

You mention that we are all adults. Try acting like one and stop complaining when things don’t go your way because you don’t want to do what you are supposed to do.


I can’t believe this is your complaint considering all the other things busted in the game. Even if you don’t have or don’t WANT to carry the proper tools to get meat, you can pick up a few stones off the ground, a branch and make a stone hatchet. That gives feral meat every time.

Use your brains. Don’t dumb down the game to your level.

And before you say something about not needing the right tool… its like going to filet a fish but without a knife. Instead, you bring a hammer. How’s that going to work for you? 0_o


It could work pretty well if you are 90 and cant have solid food again…but technically not a filet lol

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me hulk, me rip fish with hammer

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Get Yog flesh, never spoils, heals you, give you Water and Food 🖒

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I never understood why we had to use selected tool to get something from an animal…Id rather drag the animal to a butcher crafting station and let it take the animal and give us the Heart, head, bones, stomach , guts and Fur and meat. all in one go and then sort it out.

the heart could be cooked with or used in a ritual or press to get blood,
stomach same thing only that you could make waterskin.
Guts could be made into compost
Fur into hide
Meat for cooking.

The current system is a little weird sometime the gather system can net you far more resource then what the animal has on them. Like one time i gain 4 dragon head… im like da faq?
And to make it more interesting is that they could have made a new thrall called butcher. Each tier of butcher is responsible for how tough the animal is to harvest. With legendary butcher being able to handle all creature and can net more Item from the animal.

I think that would be an awesome optional thing. Like you can get more/better stuff that way, but you can just take your chances like you do now. Then it would be perfect

like im with you sometime i just need like 5 fur 5 meat and some blood and a head… well sometime that doesnt happen so i end up doing a killing spree just to get that one bloody thing and i end up having to carry excess of tools…

I would like to see more states of harvesting an animal. Like if you use the hatchet the animal loses its skin. So it can be harvested for meat afterwards. So first you use skinning tools and then meat harvesting tools. You can remove the skin with a pick or cleaver but that destroys it completely, so no skin to harvest anymore.

I would also like to be able to collect arms, legs and heads which you can also cook but they take way longer than simple meat. But you can use it more than one time. You should also be able to dismantle them into normal meat.

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it sound like funcom just need to go to a butcher shop and learn how it done so that they can translate it to us.