Cleaver Bugged?

Game mode: [Online, PS4]
Problem: [Bug | Misc]
Region: [EU]

After the last update i get less meat with my Steel Cleaver, before the update for each King Elk i killed i harvested between 40 - 50 pieces of exotic meat, now after the update when i do the same i harvest if i’m lucky between 5 - 10 pieces. I’m not sure thats an bug or something but max. 10 is a bit low in my opinion.

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Same problem here. Now I get about 4 meat and hide from my steel cleaver from an elk.

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Yeah, same with all tools. They reworked what you get and how much. If you want a ton of high quality meat… farm scorps… apparently they get the motherload now. Also, hunt the deer/antelope for tons of mid grade. Everything else seems to be nerfed. Rhinos do not seem to be different and Elephants seemed low. Some changed altogether what kind of meat you get. Try out those skinning knives! Can’t get hordes of skins… now you get a little of all kinds of things with some animals. Sort of like using a knife and getting a random axe result.

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Yes, that stuff drops large amounts of meat, the rest… not so much as previously known…

The gag of it is that you currently need more and lots of amounts of meat, coming along with update 34…

Makes less sense…

big scorpions Gives more meat not the boss.

Problem is i’m at the foot of the snow biome next to gods hand, enough deers indeed in the neighbourhood and boars but thats indeed mid grade meat nothing wrong with it, but now you also have to feed the thralls it’s just worse. Have been busy feeding all those thralls cost me 2 days to get a reason amount of meat so i dropped fish now also in the feeding pot.

I have two bases on the opposite sides of that area. There is the creek running to the west that I built a “fishery” in that is on my path. I collect fish walking between them. More than enough to feed the thralls.

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Yeah thats were i started with after meat harvesting is pretty useless in that region, it’s ok now you miss the buff but at least thralls have food

same on PC, I don’t get why they would mess with this, it was perfectly fine before and now it’s a huge mess!


Yeah your right, same here but then again how often did they mess things up so it’s not new for me could have guessed it. The only thing i’m thinking when a new update arrives again is what did they mess up this time, it’s not what you wanna think

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Maybe, is this mead reduction because of the prefered food buffs of the thralls? To make it a little bit harder to get them or something like that?

If you use a hatchet or better yet the new Starmetal pickaxes, you’ll get plenty of meat, hide and whatever other byproduct(horns, fangs etc) from your kill. Its definitely just the cleaver being broke.

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