Wild boars don't give raw pork

Game mode: *[Single-player. offline]
Type of issue: [ Select one: Bug ]
Server type: [ ]
Region: [ europe]
Hardware: [ Xbox Series S ]
***Exiled lands

Bug Description:

Wild boars give the same thing that gazelles don’t give raw pork.

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Steps to Reproduce:

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  1. Kill a boar
    2.Collect their meat
    3.Surprise there is no raw pork!
  2. (etc)
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Try different tools cleaver skinning knives hatchet I think you need th the cleaver for raw pork.


I find (at least on pc) that pork is unreliable with lower tier cleavers - it’s only things like star metal that I find pretty reliable. The greater boars, on the other hand, I find tend to give a lot more pork, even with less good cleavers. I always get at least some savory meat from all boars as well, it’s just with the lower tier tools that tends to be all I get.


I tend to use cleaver on a lot of creatures to collect heads if I get a head right off then swap out tool for job.

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use cleaver. it’s the only one that gives pork.

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As mention, Cleaver.

Axe will give pork rarely, so you’ll need kill quite a few. XD

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Only yesterday I used Chefs Trusted Clever from Razor Gord who I killed in Flotsam. I got 50 raw pork per boar. I am sure steel and hardened steel would work well too, might just be a bug for you if using a cleaver already

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