Raw pork possible?

Can you get raw pork from boars? Does it require a special tool?
We tried a few last night, quite unsuccessfully.

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Yes it is supposed to give you pork meat. Use a butcher knife to loot them.

Yep, I figured it was supposed to. Do you mean the cleaver, and have you successfully done so since launch?
What are the yield expectations? Is it a rare drop every few boars, or should you get a bunch from each?

I’m asking to see if we were just SOL, or if it’s a difference in PC/console behavior or even between servers.

I am on pc and yes I think it’s the cleaver (my client is in french) it is the tool for harvesting only meat on animals. It is not a rare drop but sometime it is not droping, you get only normal meat.

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I harvested one boar the other day and got pork so yes. I used steel clever.

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