Please make cleavers harvest bone

Bones used to be the bane of our existence. But now, with the advent of farming, bone (for bonemeal, for compost) is a useful material. As well, the new Darfari armors require lots of bone to craft.

Bone is now a desirable material.

Right now, the cleaver doesn’t give a single bone when you use it. This is strange, given that it is a tool for chopping meat from a carcass. I’d love to have the choice of what to do with that carcass, once it is stripped of meat.

Last night while playing, I needed to get bone in order to make bonemeal. I decided to make a cleaver to help, as that made sense in my mind. But lo’ and behold, no matter how many corpses I harvested with that cleaver, not a single bone was to be found.


Good suggestion. Though if you are feeling adventurous try hunting a few mammoths, as I did today with cleaver, the heads when placed in Fluid Presser gives a generous amount of bones. I too have green fingers. The bones and blood from pressing those heads all adds to compost.

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Skin spiders. They die in one hit and in a matter of 1-2 minutes you’ll have more bonemeal than you can ever fertilize with. One trip should get you more than a week’s worth.

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There are definitely some alternative / better routes, but the issue I’m presenting here is that the tool doesn’t do people might think it does. A cleaver should give both meat and bones.

I believe that it should still give human flesh, but you should get a feat to strip the bone from it, as we can stretch hides when we learn the tannery.

Use the Axe. It gives you bone for some strange reason.

Although the cleaver should yield a head EVERY time.
After all every animal has one head in the game. :smiley:
Even elephants. But those heads are error404…

And Bunnies… I want bunny heads too.