Bonemeal pandemic

Ok so I had like 5k bonemeal and I had no idea what to do with it all like growing isn’t that usefull I guess buuuttttt noow I have 7k bones from a purge which is like 50k bonemeaal and I DON"T KNOW WHAT TO DO WITH ALL THIS BONEMEAL!?!?!?! XD

There are Other uses for bones other than Boneneal.

I’m still getting more bonemeal though and it’s just a consequence of getting ichor/chitin

Oh got you.
The Spiders at H4 gives very low chitin/feral flesh and a LOT of ichor. That’s my go to place for it.

I’m not actively trying to get ichor though I just am killing stuff in my way and it gives ichor which I want but also chitin can I use a sickle to get ichor on them or a pick? I’ve been using a pick

Dude. Just drop it on the ground, return it to nature.



I use a Pickaxe but a pick work.
Tools have different outcomes depending on what you use them. A sickle on spiders will gives you gossamer instead of Ichor.

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In general, once you hit a high level, the economy of suevival breaks. By that i mean 75% of raw materials just become excess. Learn to just not waste time on even harvesting your kills if they are just “in your way” while out and about. It is one of my compaints about the game. Simce nothing in your chests ever decays, you end up with just chests and chests of loot that will never be used. And chests are a drain on server afyer you start accumalating so mich stuff (ever notice chests take a hiccup to load in when you open them?). So again, just ognore the urge to harvest every single kill.


I’m doing it for the ichor anyways but also I think bonemeal is used for all the stat potions so keeping it could be nice for pvp

I agree with @biggcane55. If you’re not going to use it immediately or in the near future, dump. Get rid of empty chests just lying around.

I love to organize, name and keep a stock like most players but there comes a time too where you need to weigh the strain of gathering and the drain of hoarding.

Think about leather. When you’re in end game do you use leather that much? Maybe a little here and there for various applications but really there is no reason to have more than 1 chest of leather… or even half.

Are you an old lady keeping her trinkets for her grandchildren? :melting_face:


I love it when people label their chests, no really.

Makes it so much more convenient when you’re looting their base. :stuck_out_tongue:

Avoids chest full of bonemeal…


The kicker is that they’re all named wrong :stuck_out_tongue:

(Hides DP in the bonemeal chest)



:shushing_face: Damnit! Else they’ll all start doing it!



But hey, when I’m raiding I crack open every box… you never know.

I’ll often raid areas that I believe may have hidden storage, sometimes I’m right! That’s where the goodies are anyway right?


Thats why i hide my chests in the walls 2 or 3 foundations to the side, next to the easiest blow in point. Be surprised how most want to blow the chewy center :wink:

Also like to hide them on the lower level outer wall are if building a sky scraper. So busy trying to get tonthebtop, they forget to check each floor on the way up :slight_smile:

And when up against yje green screen, put all of my chests on sandstone tiles, with ramp pieces so the bags roll bwhind it. I may not have it, but you wont either.


Soup? :stuck_out_tongue:

I once made a slave way base and there was a core with 3 levels and an elevator going up the entire thing. I had the idea to put all my chest in the walls that were connecting the elevator to the mesh because there was a door to another door and then the elevator so they couldn’t access the elevator easily from inside my base. When it got raided they blew open the entire core even all the (empty XD) chest I had because I got on the exact time they were raiding me and managed to get out of the base even while taking damage on myself. They destroyed everything except the elevator walls connecting to the mesh… the exact spot I thought to put all my stuff XDXDXDXDXD it was too funny. Although the funniest thing was they used like 5 bombs to blow open 1 chest that had nothing in it because I took everything out XD.

gotta love sunk cost falicy from then on no one raided that base because I use all my building materials before raid time so there is nothing they can even loot

:rofl: Now I’m gonna try that with a base high over water. Watch the lootbags fall from the top of a high tower, down, down into the sea