Bone Harvesting

What is the best tool to harvest bone? Cleaver? Axe? Pick?

I do not seem to get any using the Skinning Knife, which is understandable.

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An axe will get you raw bone, which if that is all you are after will simply yield hide and meat as a bi-product.

If you only need a small amount of bone, such as for bonemeal, I recommend using a cleaver on kudus as that almost always produces a head, in addition to 30 or so savory meat per. Squish the head in a fluid press and it will yield bone and blood.

Thanks. Right now I am looking for bones to make the Darfari Skin Chest Piece. I had over 150 bones stored, BUT the heavy chest disappeared due the bugs during restarting of official servers.

Ah. In that case for that kind of quantity I recommend Darfaricide. Head to the area around the Summoning Place and raze it and the camps there to the ground. The chests all tend to contain small stacks of bone. You’d likely obtain 100 or more from a run through all of them as long as the chests were cooperating. You may even get a few pieces of the armor set as drops you can then repair (presuming that set repairs and is not bugged like shaman)

As a bonus, the banners you find in the chests can be placed and then dismantled for 11 silk each if you don’t want them for decoration.

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I did not know that about the banners. I might make a run down there for the bones as I am currently to the north in one particular server.

you can also harvest undead with a pickaxe for bones and putrid meat

This current character is not powerful enough at this point to take on the undead! LOL

Thanks for reminding me about those creatures. When my buddy is on at the same time we will go hunt together. Safety in numbers plus my stamina is higher so I can run longer. I do not need to outrun the skeleton… just my buddy! :laughing:


That’s the spirit! Don’t forget to hamstring him.

There’s a little undead-darfari encampent near Sinkhole, on desert, on former spider farmer rute. U can kill undeads one for one. Is pretty easy even for a low level char.

Cant tell about the North, but I’ve found the easiest way to get some bones in central (Darfary) and east (Pirate ship) areas is to farm NPC camps and loot chests. I typically loot 20-40 bones per run (2-3 chests + NPC drops)
Right now I don’t bother farming animals with a pick axe, since I mostly farm leather with skinning knife. And as someone already told - if you get animal head it can be pressed for bones and blood.

Sadly cleavers don’t give any bones. Was a little bummed after building a steel cleaver in hopes of harvesting bones for bonemeal, for compost.

Pick gives more bones.

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One option is to search the various chests in Buccaneer’s Bay. They often have bones.

Also don’t forget the fluid press item. Press an animal head usually yields bones and blood.