Why is bone so hard to find!

considering how many things that SHOULD have bones in them, it should be relatively easy to get

It’s not that bad. In the beginning, use a pick to harvest bodies, and make sure you kill a few darfari. They have a lot of bones. lol


plenty of skeleton creatures in desert dungeons if you know where to find them

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This, too. There’s a “darfari” camp directly east of the Sinkhole that has a bunch of undead skeletons. I can’t remember if it’s better to use a pick or axe when harvesting them, though. I want to say pick.

My wife always plays some form of darfari, so I understand the need for bones. It always sucks at first, but after a short while, I have to start throwing bones away.

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Loot chests and you will have more then enough.

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man i dont care about skeletons they rape me pretty good at the level im at.

im not at all interested in WHERE you can get bones. im asking why its so god awful difficult to get, considering basically any given animal you can find in the game should have bones in them? including humans?

i usually never get bone from pick axing humans nor creatures, only very specific ones.

every single animal should at least yield some bone from a pickaxe but they dont.

what are they made of wheat?

That’s what she said.


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well, imo, a survivalist would not waste its time tearing apart bones from a full-fletched creature… they’d only be able to take it from bear-bone ones.

Well, would you rather get bones from everything and have to constantly be throwing bones away left or right, or would you rather have a small grind before you reach that point?? It makes more sense to me having it the way it currently is, because like I said in my earlier post:

It’s already bad enough having to throw away pounds and pounds of human flesh after harvesting, last thing I’d want is more bone to toss.

Besides, you ever play WoW back in it’s glory days?? If you did, then did you ever do the raptor heart quest in Arathi Highlands?? What about the murloc head quest in Hillsbrad?? I counted one day, I killed over 100 raptors to get 9 hearts, and in the end only had 8. I didn’t fully count the murloc head quest, but I’m pretty certain it was just as bad, if not worse. How do murlocs make their sound without a head?? lol

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i want bone and meat when i use a pick axe on enemies.

not all sorts of other shinenigans.

if i wanted skin or hands id use a hatchet.

running around with a yog cleaver that i cant repair, because no matter what deer or human or what not i destroy and rape with a pickaxe i get no bones

Well, if you really want to go there, a pick won’t give you any of that, either. Ask any butcher/hunter how much good meat and bones you’d get using a pick. I’m sure nothing of use. Just shreds of meat, and bone shivers.

You want meat?? Use the cleaver. You want leather?? Use the skinning knife. You want bone?? Technically both of those tools should net you plenty of that. The pick, yeah, that just destroys things.

We already told you what you can do to correct that. The rest is up to you. :wink:

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I’d agree that it would make sense for more bones to drop when using the cleaver, or maybe even the hatchet to a lesser extent. Kind of makes sense that if you’re butchering a carcass for meat then you’re going to get the bones as well!

Use a pick on Crocs.

Enjoy more bones than you need. Can be done at level 1 with a stone pick.


You can always toss some heads in the Fluid Press.

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how much will that give? i always threw heads out and was baffled as to why i couldnt break it for bones

About 3 iirc. And they mean the animal heads not weathered skulls. Though I haven’t tried skulls in the press yet myself.

From memory, I got more from weathered skulls over animal heads but someone has to be level 28 to supply the press. I usually had a few stacks by then anyway, playing solo.

This! The fluid press is one of the most useful items in game.

It depends on the head bigger heads give more bones, but all heads give also blood, and demonic blood if they are things like the giant bat.

Early game looting chests in the camps you usually get a lot of bones. I have a chest half full of them and am only level 16. Using a pick on crocs also gives you bones randomly.