Meat drops huge decrease please say devs its a mistake



dont know if this was meant on purpose but you hardly even get close to meat what it was before patch now u get maybe 1-5 meat off rhinos etc, even worse off smaller animals. Is that the goal? This is on offical pve , this means you have to spend how much more time farming for food for thralls and pets?


I got plenty off reptile abominations with a hardened steel cleaver. Crocodiles with a cleaver have almost none. The jungle birds and antelopes still give quite a bit.


Elephants gave 11 like helllo rhinos gave me 5 this morning.


There’s more to it: small creatures should give less meat as their size would be the reason. That, if that’s the true behind this change, should improve realism and immersion and i would aprove. However, today i went to the cold lands to farm elephant skin and surprisingly, my skinning dagger got exotic meat from them and that’s a mistake and destroy immersion. Skining knife means “skinning” for a reason, so what’s the point in it gathering meat? Please Funcom, change what is wrong and stop nerfing things that was working propperly before. I used to gather above 40 elephant skin from each beast and now it barely gives 20! Do i have to kill 5 elephant to make each armor? That’s stupid.


it has to be bugged, if you are farming meat use your hatchet, right now you will get more meat with it as with your cleaver


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