Food harvest massively reduced

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I don’t know if this is intended but killed a King elk and only getting 7 meat off it and that is with 3rd perk in survival I used to get up to 70 meat with that perk with a Star Metal Cleaver

Apparently all harvesting has been reduced Demon Blood ect…

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1.Kill King elk
2.Harvest with Star Metal Cleaver and have 3rd perk in survival
3.Get only 7 exotic meat
4.Rinse and repeat

I also am getting same or lowered amounts from large scorpians

So if I am supposed to support 30+ thralls and self with this food shouldn’t it be at least 30 meat or such not 7 - 10 pieces

Large Scorpians are still giving normal amounts of meat but the king elk isn’t.


It was reported in Testlive, but there was never any official response on it. Maybe it got overlooked over all the other ones, or it wasn’t deemed ‘urgent enough’ to fix right off. Thank you for bringing this back up now that it’s Live!


Yeah I noticed you get less food off animals now too which is really dumb because in the patch notes Funcom states that they found a balance between feeding thralls with the new system so that it’s not grindy and yet they nerfed the amount of food you can harvest from them so that IT IS a total grind fest for feeding or gathering food. way to contradict yourselves Funcom …


Server PVE-C 1940 star metal cleaver in the Elk King produced 4 to 8 meat out of 21 killed outside of New Asgard.

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Star Metal Cleaver working as intended on PS4 official PVP server (on the big scorpions at least, not tried Elk King). Got 128 Exotic meat from just on scorpion just now.

This is on PC after Midnight Grove patch with all the new items and boss

Maybe that all tools are messed up.
I used my obsidian skinning knife on a mammoth and got the same havest as a pick. Less fur & hide than normal plus got exotic meat.
Never gotten meat with the skinning knife before.

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I play on a role playing server and have played the game for 2000+ hours. This “double whammy” of introducing thrall feeding along with a huge reduction in meat harvest amounts, plus not allowing thralls to eat seafood is making me consider abandoning Conan Exiles to play something more fun.

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Why would they not be able to eat sea food? They can eat anything edible but have a “diet” that gives short term buffs if you use that instead.

It’s obviously a design decision. The development team leads want players to have to go farm food to feed thralls instead of lay fish and shellfish traps. it’s not immersive, of course.

Except you can feed them fish and shellfish? I haven’t had time to play, but both on discord and the official forums people have been saying they will eat these things fine.

Sorry, I didn’t know. I’ll test that. The tool tip at the bottom of each thrall shows only certain foods. Maybe I’ve misunderstood it. Regardless, I still feel the design decision to both introduce feeding then cut meat harvest rates is very poor. Also, it’s done in a non immersive way: how can large animals give a small amount of meat? E.g. rhinos.

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Ya, I can’t comment on the food shortages as I don’t know why. But the “certain foods” is their preferred foods. Originally you were supposed to be able to only feed those thralls what was listed in their preferred foods category, but they changed that during test live so that ANY edible food will count for starvation purposes. They kept the diet portion of it in and it will grant your Thralls short term buffs (unknown as to what those are, again I haven’t been in the actual game yet) if you feed your Thralls their preferred food. Otherwise, gruel will work just fine for keeping them alive and such, along with fishies.

This is changeable in the server settings if you are running on a private server, so if for some reason you wanted more of a food challenge, you could make it so Thralls ONLY ate their preferred food, but by default it’s set to allow any food.

I just posted a simular thread for me on the PS4 same issue. I also get only between 5 - 10 pieces of exotic meat from a King Elk with an Steel Cleaver and my survival perk only reaches to 2, now i read this i’m glad i’m not the only one having this same issue, and i’m on official PVE [PS4,EU server]

The foods it shows are their preferred foods. If you feed them those they get a small buff.

I’m not sure if this is a harvest bug or a tool bug. Kappa with a Hardened steel cleaver give 3 or 4 meat. Kappa with a Hardened Steel Hatchet give 12-15 (Official 1X numbers)
For consistent Haunches, large Scorps are loaded with them as are those Reptile Rhino things but regular Rhino only give 3 each no matter what tool. Like the King Elk, you are still better off using a hatchet as they seem to match all other resources with a tic of meat.

Vultures now give putrid meat and only putrid meat, no feathers and you get the same amount no matter what tool you use. Demon Blood is absurd right now. I cleared the dogs around the sinkhole and Shaleback 20 times or so, I have 12 blood to show for it. Did all the Bat Demon caves up by Freya’s Hovel, got 1. Without a change, its a no lifers mat.

on PVE the buffs for thralls are not really needed, so you can go with fish, set up enough traps and it will last for weeks, store them in preservation boxes with ice or fill up the thrall pots, the decay time is slow here. feeding thralls is not really a problem.
and yes, elk king drops now only 14 instead of 60 exotic flesh with an acheronian pick

Updated report regarding skinning and butchering elk king with acheronian and obsidian tools. This is on PvE-Conflict official server follow stage 2 patch.

Test Acheronian: (S=skinning, B=butcher)

  1. S=5 hide, 5 meat // B=3 hide, 9 meat
  2. S=4 hide, 5 meat // B=2 hide, 8 meat
  3. S=6 hide, 3 meat // B=3 hide, 5 meat

*I will edit with obsidian results a little later. I will conduct three tests as well.

got the same problem… use obsidian skinning knife and starmetal clever
by the way… why is there no obsidian clever :stuck_out_tongue:

but its not only on food… i used to harfest demon blood about 20 or 30 per rocknose in the vulcano… now its not more than 10.
also the skninning knive gives meat and hide and the clever gives hide and meat as well. in lower numbers too…

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