Rhinos - exotic flesh

Hello. Since the new update big animals like rhinos give only 5-10 exotic flash and almost no hide/skin. Just recieved 8 exotic flesh from a rhino. That cant be right. You get more from a rhino calf :x


I think this has been an issue for a while now. From memory rhinos, elephants and mammoths give almost no meat, but dragons and reptilian rhinos still give heaps.

I hadn’t noticed an issue with hides though. Will check tonight.

Post your findings if you could. I can look at the loot tables later if you know which rhinos/elephants/etc you are seeing a problem with.

With 1.0 x harvest, no survival perks and a star metal skinning knife with adv upgrade, I am getting:

21 x rhino hide + 21 x think hide from grey and black rhinos
42 x thick hide + 42 x elephant hide from elephant

With upgraded star metal cleaver I’m getting
~22 - 26 exotic from grey rhinos,
~52 from elephants, and
~104 from the reptilian rhinos in the jungle.


So is this pretty normal then?

Yeah it does seem about right.


Hopefully it was some temporary dud. I was using iron and steel cleaver/skinning knife for comparison. With iron skinning knife a rhino gave me 6 exotic flesh and 5 rhino skin.

Killed a rhino, used an improved steel cleaver, got 4 exotic flesh and 2 rhino hide. Thats not normal :confused:

While i think it may be “normal” for iron knife. Most use iron very early, and have steel for rhinos and such.
I know, i get most steel, ever hardened steel very early in game, make all much easier.

For steel clever a bit few, i agree. But i would try several ones before state any issue, like you said, maybe some isolated dudes.

Point is no other animal gives flesh while being skinned. Only rhinos. It must be bugged

Rhino elite - skinned by upgraded hardened steel knife - 24 hide and 15 flesh

Pretty sure this isn’t correct.

they all give flesh when skinning now for like 3 months, since last patch

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My mistake then, still, the amount of hide is … not enough to say the least ^^

How much hide you get would also be influenced by the perk that gives a bonus for harvesting resources from animals… that is having at least thirty points in Survival. As well as the addition of harvesting tool improvement kit on it.

Just giving additional suggestions why it’s decreased for you than in the past…
But it’s worth Funcom looking into in case the harvesting statistics on that particular model of skinning knife has been changed. (It won’t be the first time that players have queried the stats on weapons, armor or tools that Funcom have investigated and had to correct to what they intended.)

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