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I don’t know if this a bug but I can’t seem to get exotic flesh from big scorpions.

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Can confirm this for PC, too. You will get feral flesh instead like with the small scorpions. But I’m insecure if this a intended change!?

That large scorpions yield feral flesh now and not exotic flesh is an intended change. It was listed in the patch notes for the patch released 10.12.18 under AI and thrall fixes about point 24 in the list of the post linked below:


Where am I gonna find exotic flesh now?:weary:

I believe rhinos and elephants with a cleaver

Get a disc copy delete game reinstall disc don’t update and bam you got exotic flesh spoiled meat stacks normal and game is not laggy like it is now. Hope Fun com get this sorted out and listen to there players. Hope 2019 produces games that are not released broken or should still be in early access but guess bussiness and the suits on top want there money. :joy::rofl:

for crying out loud, dont tell them where, the devs will nerf that too
well not really as it is the reality in this game,
if you say you like something, in the next patch/hotfix its nerfed out of the game

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The strange rhino like beasts (Reptilian monstrosity) in the jungle yield exotic flesh.

The Elk King and Shaleback King also yield Exotic Flesh, and for boss monsters they are considerably easy to deal with.

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