Ability to slaughter our pets

Lets face it, not all pets are created equal. Can you give us the ability to slaughter mercifully without having to hack at it for 20 minutes. A quick slaughter command then use tool to harvest whatever you want from it.

Please and thanks.


Can’t you just leave them without food somewhere? And I thought the idea was we put the corpses in the fluid press to harvest from our dead pets. It certainly worked on the dead fawn I placed in it.

Are you suggesting not to feed them for a week? How are you going to time harvesting them? If I want slaughter a Rhino and butcher it for haunch, would kinda like to do it right away, not wait a week for it to starve.

Just need a slaughter option added to the pet menu wheel, please and thanks.


im actually again this idea only because Its make it easy to harvest if all you is E baby… throw into taming den and then get the rhino and harvest it by not having to do PVE?

Id rather not have a farming simulator in this ideal way although you could see about using fall damg to your advantage like create a tower large enough for you to move the pet up and put it on a ceiling and then dismantle the ceiling and let the creature fall to its death.

Except for the fact you have to dedicate more time harvesting the resources needed to actually make the pets, far more time then running out your door and hacking down a wild one… Do you play Conan? Or you just never made a pet yet?

Why do people always need to result to personal attacks when they disagree. “Do you play Conan”. Ultraviolet, meet Dragoonduneman.

Dragoon has probably over 2,000 hours involved with modding community and the dev kit. I can honestly say that Dragoon is one of our most valued veteran modders in the modding community and has spent countless hours helping new modders and long time modders alike with his experience and knowledge involving the dev kit.

You are free to disagree, but come on now.

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its cruel…BUT here my solution (its working!!!)
just sarcifice them…i mean like in movie…push them from cliff(
sand foundation+1 floor+place animal at edge of that+dismantle floor(
bye bye friend((( RIP!
btw you may roleplay this…make some sacrificial shaft…and push there all your animals and thralls…
and there s no need of big hights…fall damage in game very brutal


place in compost heap to speed up decay, then when they decay they turn into a carcass, place carcass in fluid press for harvests.

Moreover what dragoon was sayin was pretty interesing, there was no need for such a reply. Why do gamers feel offended so easily and react so aggressively is beyond me.

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