Killing Pets for resources

I feel we should be able to kill our pets for resources. I don’t think it would imbalance the game, at least on official servers as you cant just spawn them. I have seen and experienced too many animals that you just don’t want anymore. so why not give them a use. You could create a Exotic Meat Farm. you have to come out of pocket resources and time so that would keep the balance.

We all know it would be way faster to farm a Animal Spawn for resources.

What do you guys think?


We can do this in a limited way now.
If you put an adult pet from an animal pen into a compost bin then the time until it dies is accelerated and leaves a corpse that you can then put into a fluid press.
Alternatively you can leave in a cupboard/chest or even the fluid press itself and the slower death timer will count down…eventually resulting in a corpse.

If you have placed in the world then obviously you can’t pick up and put into compost bin unless you have a mod that allows this but …
If the pet dies then you can harvest the corpse I believe … so you could strand without food and go back when you expect them to starve to death
… or lead it into a fight it can’t win so it gets killed
… or simply put the pet on follow and sprint up a very tall player built staircase until it teleports to its death (RIP Toothless the crocodile)

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@ Kwalya
Unfortunately when they die they disappear… just getting blood from them is no fun, I would love to get Rhino Hide for example.

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I think some pets give things other than blood and bone. I think I’ve gotten hide off some but I’ve not pressed many unwanted pet as corpses…My pets tend to be cherished and named and placed where they will freak out casual runners by…

Whilst I don’t object to what you suggest, honestly I think Funcom considered during development and decided against it as it would make obtaining certain resources from passive pets too easy … I mean why go fight a rhino/tiger/panther etc to get hide if all you have to do is avoid the adults and pick up babies to rear up in less than a day.

True, and at low level you have a point. I been maxed out for so long I tend to forget the stuff I would have done as a noob.

I’m with you I tend to cherish my animals too, But I have a neighbor who has a ton of animals and he says he would limit them if he got something out of them.

I kill my pets that didn’t turn greater with a sword after raid hours begin.

Wouldnt it be nice to get something for your wasted time and resources for trying to get a greater?

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