Religion: problem


Hello everyone, I’m sorry in advance for my English, I write with an English / French translator.I have a concern with religions, objects of religions, set daggers, yog etc … does not work. For the person in my tribe, who at the religion of yog, he does not recover the human flesh … and another people who to the religion of set, same thing for the hearts.Is there a level required to use them. Thank you.We are on a private server.


This is a known issue. I believe they have been temporarily disabled.


Thank you. Do you know when will it unlock? it’s a pity not to be able to enjoy the benefits of religions … I thank you.


Just an update on this one. I have since found out it is a bug and has been fixed in an internal build.


Hooray! Let’s hope it makes it into the next patch!


yes, I hope too, from here we will already be level 60, I’m level 44 on our server for an xp X1 … Thank you for your answers.