(PC) Rise of the Hyborians

Welcome to the Rise of the Hyborians.

In our server there are many things to explore and have fun with eachother.
We will be hosting events once everything its settled and built.
At the moment we got 2 RP-Cities named: Sparta and Echigo.
Here you can trade,drink, fight (in a arena ofcourse :wink:) , build your own home, open a shop or explore. The RP-cities are safe zones for any pvp/raiding.

We can transfer your level and your pippi wallet.
Just make a screenshot of both it you want.

Server Settings

  • XP Rate: 2.0
  • Harvest Rate: 2.0
  • Crafting Speed: 0.5
  • Stamina: 0.5
  • Hunger/Thirst: 0.5
  • Maximum Clan Size: 6
  • Avatars: Disabled
  • Corpse Looting: Enabled
  • Drop on Death: Enabled
  • PVP: Always (RP-cities are safe zones)
  • Building Damage: Weekend (Saturday: 12:00 - Sunday: 22:00). (RP-cities are safe zones)
  • Building Decay: Enabled
  • Purge: Enabled
    Server Mods
  1. Pippi
  2. Sexiles
  3. Class
  4. Dyemorebetterer
  5. LTs Farming

Connect IP:
Discord: jQnGPw9

Feel free to have a look at our discord! And if you have any questions contact on of the admins.