(PC) Chains of Hyboria E/RP-PVP Slavery 18+ Mods/Kits/LvL Boost

Chains of Hyboria brings you into a world where anything is possible and that slavery is inevitable, you are worth nothing here. From the depths of corruption you are forced to surrender your bodies to a depraved land filled with your wildest desires…

We are a large and ever growing community that is welcoming to all and any newcomers that are interested in making new friends and creating an exciting story.
We offer a great community server with custom quests, free kits, Lvl boost to 60, events and warps, sounding good so far?

Then head over to Chains of Hyboria E/RP Slavery 18+ Mods/Kits/LvL Boost
We would like to invite any and all who wish to join our growing and welcoming community.

Discord link: https: //discord.gg/rHZsqZE

Top Conan Link: https: //topconanservers.com/server/

Server Direct connect:

Server specs:
Harvest 5x
EXP 3x
Water: 0.010
Food: 0.010
Max Lvl: 300
No drop on death
Bodies disappear upon logout
Free Kits
Free 60 Lvl boost
Fast Craft
Free Warps
Custom Hub
Custom Quests

I’m gonna check this out

Still plenty of room and good spots to build in

Still plenty of room and good spots to build in

Always welcoming newcomers :smiley: