(PC) Several issues escalating from collision to inability to draw weapons - Borked Map


This morning I was experiencing sinking and bouncing over sandstone foundations so I decided to just replace them all with black ice foundations.
I logged in this evening after our scheduled server restart to find several things missing off the foundations. I didn’t even go looking through the base to see if there were any other issues on the other levels.
Thralls, crafting stations, chests filled with weeks worth of gathering labors, cupboards. A LOT of things.

(I can’t find my previous bug report from yesterday)
I had posted about my thoughts that the collision carries some sort of inheritance values to the upgraded Tier pieces, ie sandstone to stonebrick, etc. Given that I upgraded the sandstone foundation to black ice foundation, there are still some notable jitters in certain areas. If the disappearing placeables are related to the collision/tiles/foundations, otherwise there is something else at play.

I saw the tweet about the collision issues with the ceiling tiles and replaced them shortly after seeing it. That didn’t save me from losing everything on the upgraded tiles.

It seems to be increasing, the more times that things come up missing. Always after the server is restarted.

Now, the new issue just experienced is that I can’t draw a weapon. First tried to draw a bow, it poofed from inventory. loaded another weapon. It draws, and then sheaths immediately, the animation goes back to normal stance. No matter what weapon, what slot #. This is getting ridiculous. I know we’re just more testers, but this is no way going to be ready in a week and a half…

I’m tired of losing everything.

The Map will not let you remove any of your markers. Every time you right click, it tells you “You have too many player markers”… and I am wanting to delete some… need a better means of deleting the markers. *edited

This is going on in the same places that the previous collision failures were happening, on the lower tier foundations. I just restarted the game and this is still going on.

I am not getting that message on the official server but I cannot remove the markers I’ve placed.

However, when I logged out then back in, all of the markers were gone. This was on Official #411

I have relogged several times. Also have restarted, validated, updated mods, nothing changes. Still can’t remove markers.

On live I cannot remove any of my old markers either although after spamming the right click and delete on of my icons did delete but it took ages to do.

Sorry for the necropost, but this is an issue that probably still needs to be checked out. I’ve had stuff disappear from black ice foundations a few times this week. Nevermind the unable to draw weapons/tools bug, which caused me to have to remake my character on my friend’s private server.