PC: Siptah PvE Server, Pippi/Mods, US East


Server Name: People of the Erdwerve - PVE - Friendly - Discord

Map: Isle of Siptah

Direct Connect:

Dedicated discord: https://discord.gg/3vXjk7C

Casual, friendly, modded PVE Isle of Siptah server.

We’re just getting started and have lots of space and welcomed for people interested in building, playing, and having a relaxed community on Siptah.

RP-friendly but not required.

Admin-maintained public spaces.

Economy friendly.

Admin-maintained portals.

Home and public area warps.

Admins with a lot of Conan Exiles experience.

No decay. Will reconsider if issues present.

Max Clan Size 6

Crafting Speed 0.5

Resource Respawn Speed 0.5

Mod List:

Pippi - User & Server Management, WYSIWYG Wheel of Pain, Fashionist, Swift Elevator, Asshuri Treasures, Northern Timber, Arena Pier, Emberlight, Savage Steel, Savage Steel Vol 2, Less Building Placement Restrictions, Exiles Compass, Shadows of Skelos Vol. 2, Shadows of Skelos - Extended

Server Rules:

  1. Be nice. No griefing, harassing, cheating, or other negative anti-social behavior is allowed.
  2. Don’t wall off or despawn important gameplay with buildings.
  3. Summoning player/clan gets first choice on summoned surge loot/thralls. When in doubt, ask.
  4. Building player/clan gets first choice on loot from Storm Monsters.
  5. Be considerate of other players’ land claims when building structures.