【PC】Thrall Lost Bug Part 2

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Thrall Bug
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The Thrall on guard duty that I have in place is dead before I know it.
There are different levels of Thrall.

Checking in past logs, only “Thrall is dead”. There is no indication of the name of the NPC who killed him.

At first, I thought that they were harassed and killed using fences, but the [Dancer in the building] was also dead with the same notation.

In about two weeks since 6/11, five Thralls have died in a similar manner.

In official PvC, a dancer in a windowless building should not die from harassment.

Please investigate the cause and fix it as soon as possible.
I wish everyone to check out the logs.

It is a sad thing when the Thrall you raised dies for no reason.

Any possibility that they were lured to spikes and killed by bleed?

Thanks for the question.

As for that dancer, there are two walls between the outside and the inside that are separated by a width of one foundation.
So there was enough safe space for the dancer to move around in the dance.
So I think there is 0% chance that it is external, such as a spike.

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