PC Update (12.12.2018): The Seekers of the Dawn Pack is now available on PC

Longer decay time righ now for holiday season .

OMG OMG I need this DLC! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

Are the buildings/armor hot or cold insulated?

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AYE. The motion pass.

I heard hte light was agility. So…

Light = Aquilonian Light
Medium = Vanilla Medium
Heavy = Hot Resist Cimmerian Heavy

Now we can make +18 stat setups for vitality/strength specs for

Heavy Hot and Cold
Medium Cold and Mixed
Light only Mixed.

The new DLC is pretty, but it has the same problem with the foundations and ceilings as the last DLC; no indicated directionality. It took me as many as six blocks to get a single one going in the direction I wanted by deleting and replacing it over and over. It’s a huge time-sink and I cannot imagine that people who do not have admin rights will enjoy that aspect in that one cannot pick up the blocks once placed, only destroy and reclaim some of the mats. Please consider that for some of us building is the best aspect of the game and those of us who consider it so like to have our pieces aligned properly.


for the love of Crom, er no he doesn’t care, for the love of Derketo, just add a directionality gizmo (X,Y,Z) to ALL placeables, then you don’t have to worry about which ones show up clearly in the “ghost mode” and which ones don’t.


Correct. The light armor is Agility.

I have purchased all the DLC thus far, and believe in supporting a developer, but as I have stated elsewhere the DLC is a bit overpriced and (in my opinion) incomplete. The sets are missing pieces, and the tops of the foundations do NOT tile well. The original sets are simply “OK” and the DLC as released follow that trend of giving you a decent side to look at, but the tops look horrible under light and the wedges (once used) lock you into a pattern you can barely get out of.

We are missing tons of pieces from the base sets, and this trend continues with the DLC. As much as I love building AND supporting the publisher/developer, I think I will pass on this DLC until the current sets are corrected.


Cool DLC, can I suggest we have some way of changing the attributes on all crafted armors? Maybe make the attributes customizable for Epic Flawless crafted only?

One thing that makes me sad, there are no accuracy armor for cold except Hyrkanian wich is heavy -_- , no good for archers who needs mobility, and light armors giving agility when the 40th perk is useless for light once they don’t affect dodge, I really wish FC could drop armors being tied to attributes, so we could customize freely our builds.


I’m hoping when they do their QoL building update, based on player feedback that the asked for and collected, that the directional suggestion that was listed in that long thread will become a thing.


Hope Gear are both Cold/ Hot weather. cause must getting be Cold. But I want this DLC MUAAAHAHAHAHAHA HAHA

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How about a theme based on Viking style. Now that nice idea & sell like hot cakes in winter.

In fact, it is a very beautiful DLC, although the architecture is very similar to Khitan. This is a more beautiful version of Khitan architecture, I would say :slightly_smiling_face:. Now I do not want to use Khitan for construction :roll_eyes:.
At the same time, the lack of furniture and decor in this DLC is distressing, as in the previous one. Funcom, so you offer “less goods for the same price” - when compared with the first two DLC :frowning_face:.
And, in fact, if you are already doing the architecture of Khitan, Yamatai, the Picts - is it time for you to add the appropriate NPC to the game? My Yamatai fortress will look very strange, populated by just anyone - except for the Yamatai :smirk:.


no work anti climb wall !!! fix now
nice new DLC no test !!

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Hi, I’m not sure what changed but since the latest PC update was released, I’m not able to harvest vines anymore. Anyone else noticed this? Can’t find anything on this topic at all.
All the smaller trees in the jungle and tropical islands area behave like regular trees and only drop wood or bark, depending on the tool used. It’s almost impossible to get vines as they also don’t seem to drop from enemies anymore. D:

We have a new hotfix out for the PC version. Check out the patch notes below: