PC Update (28.10.2020) - Update 2.1: Economy update, Character re-customization and Family Sharing settings

I’d like to join the chorus and ask this:

what is wrong with art department?

have they even tested this new hair material in game? like when full in game lighting is working?
ok, color is uniform now, that’s good, but all hair/beards are luminescent for crying out loud

always freeze the game, can’t play, shjt update

Vanity mirror took away my characters boobs. Can you guys add the slider to that? I dont want to have to completely recreate my character

Hello, I would like to inform the developers that the make-up mirror causes an optical problem.
The color of the face does not match the rest of the body color, this looks very unsuccessful with lighter to medium body colors. It seems that the color contrast of the new face is much too high.

Please re-add the speed increase to worker thralls. If the goal of this company under 10cent is to follow the trend of making games more grindy to improve player play time at the cost of player satisfaction, you’ll be losing a MASSIVE chunk of your player base. I love this game but I CAN play another game, so can hundreds of others. I’m willing to adapt and forgive the majority of the updates as I see the quality in them but I draw the line hard if I’m being exploited.


Hey everybody,

We just released an emergency hotfix. Version addresses the following:

  • Addressed an issue that would cause the game to freeze and crash when interacting with NPCs or UI under certain circumstances.

Thanks for your feedback and your continued patience.


1.8 Gb :cry:

Great, Now can you fix the deducted server / mod issues? or at the least let us know what is going on with then? A little information would be nice.


Mine is “only” 35.8mb, but after more than 10 minutes it has only gotten to 16.3mb :rofl:

EDIT: This is in my case only the hot fix, don’t really remember what the initial 2.1 update size is :slight_smile:

Thanks for the update. Hope the walls over there are not glowing from all the heated conversations :slight_smile: - besides, certain drinks rely entirely on stressful stuff like this.

PS: Modded servers: any other Admins still seeing servers doing the up-down-up-down rolling action?

Cool. Any news about the sunday settings? ty.

For me, this update is a greater game changer than a whole new map :eyes:. It just needs a few tweaks from the devs :desktop_computer: and a bit of patience from the players :orange_heart:.

Well done! :100: :bangbang:

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So I should preface this by saying I’m nowhere near as experienced as many of the players and contributors here, as I haven’t been playing Conan for that long.

I am confused though - I was genuinely excited over this update, as I play in a private server with friends who have played this game for a long time and know what they’re doing - they all had t4 crafting thralls and can build their bases SO much faster without having to farm as much… the idea of being able to do that by building a higher tier bench was awesome for me.

So… yesterday I built a new specialized blacksmith bench… but we can’t craft steel reinforcements in it?

Is the only way to craft steel reinforcements in the regular bench? Does that mean I would have to have multiple benches?

FWIW, this hotfix doesn’t address the serialization crashes from bad item IDs yet. That said, earlier today I was able to get my server’s save file to launch in single player by using the previously mentioned SQL commands to remove problematic item IDs, and then save it to a different file name:

.open DLC_Siptah.db
delete from item_inventory where template_id in ('18400','18401','53502','53001','18293','19605','19606');
.save DLC_Siptah2.db

(I then renamed DLC_Siptah2.db back to DLC_Siptah.db)

The thing is, when I’m in SP after that, the only healing wraps I can craft are Rough Wraps even after having used a Yellow Lotus potion and then re-unlocked the feats for the better wraps. (The Stutter Wraps visible in my inventory were crafted pre-patch.)

Is anyone in unmodded games experiencing this same issue?


Because you’re on a vanilla server, you get the xx_Alchemy_Bench.

If you were on one of the modded adult servers, you would get the xxx_Alchemy_Bench

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@Larathiel - if that is the case, that is starting to hint along the lines of private modded server Wipes being recommended?

(My servers, updated with latest hotfix, are still spooling up for a bit and then dropping back endlessly.)

That’s where the Ultra Endowment Potions are made… :wink:

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Nope, my servers are just standard modded servers

I doubt it. For one, it was mentioned in the [un]Official Discord a couple minutes ago that FC is plugging away at this bug at present.

For another, now that we have some better understanding of how to use the SQLLite tool, folks could always attempt workarounds if FC is unsuccessful.

I’d say the best course of action for now is to hang tight.

Yep, and that is great advice. At the terrible risk I take saying this here (some of my players may be skulking about in here), this is giving a good excuse for some server cleaning, tidying and polishing of assorted knobs and buttons. Will watch for any further updates and :tumbler_glass: it pretty :stuck_out_tongue:

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