PC Update 33: Loot Crates and Workshops Disappearing on Disconnect

I’ve tried this now on 2 different Server, both on PVE-Fast.

Randomly after I sometimes disconnect, Crates (and its loot inside) and some of my Workshops just disappear and end up in one of those Lootbags. I’ve lost by now, 35 Crates full of loot, 14 Workshops (Blacksmith, Armorer, etc)

Im getting sick of it, I want this to be fixed. Im not gathering all day Loot, to loose it at end for some random Bug that appears and deletes the inside of my base.

Haven’t had this bug ever before in Conan Exiles.
I hope this will be fixed before the May Official Release, because this ruins the game.


Same just happened to me…had chests full of the stuff i needed to upgrade to t3 today and it’s all gone when i log in…along with crafting stations and thralls. I’m done with this game until release…this is way to gamebreaking of a bug and they have yet to address it once.