[PC] US EAST RP PVE - Conflict 18+ Tartarus 3x XP/Gather Purge Active - Gods Active

[PC] Tartarus RolePlay 18+ Seeking Adults who enjoy a darker, more hellish Role Play world.
Opened a new role play server in PVP. Seeking those over the age of 18 years of age, who have or want to role play the Conan universe as we know it as Exiles. The server is in PVP, however building damage is off and there are a few rules in place. It is at 20 slot right now, but it will be upgraded if enough active people play regularly. This server isn’t for the Disney type theme fans, and for those who understand the difference between OOC and IC. We have a discord newly opened as well where you can join and ask any questions you may have.

Name: Tartarus – RolePlay 18+ - 5/23
Server Type: PVP
Region – Eastern US
No password required.

Have Discord : UnBhzaQ

Do not drop items on death.
Do not stay in world on log out.
Cannot destroy buildings – no progress lost.
The Purge IS active here
2x XP on everything
2x Gathering
6 mods are on the server.

Rules are very basic RP based rules/ no harassment.
KOS is not permitted without RP IC Reasons/ War declaration and Admin has approved the clan’s war.
Each Clan can have 1 main base and a few small outposts around the world.
Due to building damage being off DO NOT Block access points, Recipes, NPC camps.


You are here. Hung or nailed up, you are here just like the rest of us. To die, be it slow or not, your hide was left here to rot, buzzard food. Perhaps they just did not like you or your God? You are no better, nor no worse… Well, suppose you may be a bit worse off than some of us, but you will find that no one cares. Get up, Exile. Find your backbone, your will to live and head north.
This world has already established a Temple to Derketo, and nearby is the Temple of Set. Those who are brave and able to cross not only the southern desert but the western as well, will find the Relic Hunter’s City, and these great Temples. This place is not for the righteous of heart for no moral compass will lead one this direction… well, not with any good will at least. There are so few pleasures in this exiled hell we call Tartarus, the Temple of Derketo does boast as such.
You will find many representatives of all the Gods here, as exiles come from all reaches of the known world, cloistered here to serve out an endless life. One will hear whispers of Ymir uttered from brutish berserkers, while the cannibals will swear by Yog. The holy order of Mitra rove the lands, hoping to reform the masses to the ‘righteous’ side of life, as if there is freedom in redemption. Some Gods you may have heard of, and others are yet to be named. Regardless of your Deity, you rot here just as well. Perhaps as you murmur your prayers each day, or each night, they may hear you… Most likely not.
Don’t be fooled into complacency, Exile. We are all damned, as long as these bracelets hold fast to our wrist. We are all corrupt in some way, all devious and cunning and we all want to escape. One way or another. Some do it through Lotus potions, dwell in dreams as this life is not for the meek. Some run goods, these Merchants are not as friendly as they seem. Coin is still currency, as is your life. We all must pay some price, some small measure, just to get by. You are no different, Exile. We are no different. Some of us are just more skilled than others, and some are just too beautiful to resist. Welcome to your eternal Hell… Welcome to Tartarus.