[PC/US/RP]-Anloan RP/PvE/ IC Conflict/AoC

Anloan RP is a fresh 18+ Roleplay server looking for players new and old to the RP scene. The gates are open to these exiled lands where you will meet a variety of different lore and backstories of the players here. We offer unique quests and dungeons that our admins are designing themselves to enrich the world story and lore even more. We have various mods to enhance the RP aspect of the game as well as progression. We have a mature and laid back environment so if this sounds like a nice server be sure to stop by and check us out. We hope to see you soon Exiles! With the new outposts in the mod EEWA we have a bit more flavor added to the worlds RP and we have added a discord as well!

-Rules can be found on the server discord once entering https://discord.gg/A3bgF2S

Hello - I am interested in checking it out as someone new to the RP scene in Conan (but well familiar with the game mechanics). Is there a Discord or website I can check out?


Hey, i’m glad you’re interested. As of now there is no discord set up since we are a fresh server. We are still setting most things up including that however, that will be something we set up soon.

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Discord is now up and running! https://discord.gg/A3bgF2S