[PC] Weapon Displays not showing the weapon


I’m playing on my own server (paid server via Nitrado, not a hosted one on my PC) and since the new update 33 every weapon on a display is invisible. I tried to replace the displays, replace the weapons on them, change my graphic settings.
Before update 33 everything was fine, so i guess it has to be a new bug.

PS: i used the search function and found nothing, if this is a double thread: I am sorry :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ll confirm this. It’s been happening to me in both my single player and on Official Server #403.

This is happened to me too on Single Player!

It is happening on PC (and on official servers) as well. Confirmed none of the display racks shows stuff since patch#33.
Also fish thropies are needing another fish to make. I think the savory and the exotic fish is interchanged now. :smiley:

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