Pending Connection Failure Feedback needed

Every time that I get Dcd, and there is a server reset, I cant log in that server untill the next day server reset. 24hts!!! Please fix it!

Thank you guys. Hopefully this works

I think it is bad code in the latest patch. Mine is still crashing minutes after turning it on after going out for dinner. I may try another complete reinstall as that fixed it after the last unstable patch, by which I mean every patch ever

Not to my knowledge, but they probably do given all the bugs

Could you reset 2502, or do something to let me log in for longer that 3 seconds. I log in then 3 seconds later get kicked out of game

Log into single player co/OP mode. Select offline. Let game run from 2-5 minutes. Log out and then log into online mode, just dont restart your xbox.

You will still probably crash every hour, but that is how most of us deal with the 5-20 seconds in game then crash bug.