People blocking both brimstone spawns on the map

We need some help ignasis pm

See the ‘how to contact us’ section in this thread…

Good luck!

There are far more than two brimstone sources on the map. For example, look at the eastern end of “noob river”. Below the surface, there are bubbling spires. Hack them with a pickaxe, and you’ll get lots of brimstone.

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It is true, even red Mama gives you brimstone if you harvest her with a pick or the bat’s on the caves north. Jungle, executioners cave, Sinners refuge, the crock miniboss cave etc. Still in pvp if God’s are active the best thing is to take a God summon or 2 better and bring everything down. You can even fix explosives without brimstone :man_shrugging:. So instead of complaining to the company or the community, sometimes it’s best to ask what other options I have to play pvp :wink:. Brimstone lake must be open and caves too, so all the players can stand an equal chance on pvp. If however the complain is for pvec or pve, then it is a fair issue because these actions destroy the gaming experience of the server. I hate spawn killers on pvec and pve servers too. My dear @Khaletohep though I am speaking to you you know that my post is not for you but for the common messages we have from new players about brimstone blocks :wink:. Thank you.