Performance drops, jumping camera


I encounter some severe performance drops. Also the camera is jumping around during combat.

I also could not climb down from a higher position and the language setting was wrong, but I read about this here already.

This video shows the problems I encountered. I play with medium settings.
no link

My system information can be found here:
no link

Thank you for looking into this.

Why in the world can I not add links to issues describing technical problems???

Hello, are you using multiple displays and ‘windowed fullscreen’ mode? If so, try the ‘Fullscreen’ mode and see if the issue persists. Please let me know if this works or doesn’t. Thanks! /Mark

Thank you, that seem to have fixed the inconsistent performance.

I added “-culture=en” to the launch options and the language is still not English.

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We are looking into the localization issue now. thanks a lot for the update!

Try turning off your overclocks. It likely is an overclock issue. Almost all the people I have seen complain have had overclocks over 4Ghz. I know that has caused issues before in a few games, it just is uncommon.