Mouse lag and camera hopping

From the first screen the mouse wont function properly. It’s like it where on Valium or something.
Realtime is working ok… very blury graphics though… and nothing seems to change if I change the graphic options.
Then I entered the first turn based sequence - camera started instantly to jump up and down at an incredible speed (the UI remained still). So I hit ESC and first thing I found that could have changed this was changing the settings from windowed fullscreen to fullscreen… didn’t help though. It seems to me as if it where a collision problem with trees.

I run a mutli monitor setup but no overclocking.

Thanks in advance.

Hello! can you provide a video of the issue?


I do experience the cursor lag and the blury graphic (I have made a thread about it), making the game unplayable.

Devs - Is there any specs or logs that we can provide you with in order for you to find a fix?

Specs (dxdiag) could help, videos are great! Thank you!

Sorry, but I’m not used to be active in a forum. How do I submit my dxdiag.txt? Since only picture formats are allowed to be uploaded.

thx …^^

Yesterday, after reading some similar entries with the forum, I set the graphics to ‘integrated’ (didn’t try this before since I use two GA within my rig, an onboard Intel and a sloted NVidia that only takes over if it’s needed) and the mouse (still disturbingly slow) was useable and the jumping camera only occured every time after I threw a 'nade or a Shaman blew his horn (if my observations where right). But, every time I found a way to fix it with some patience, either by opening an overlayed menue (options or charsheet for example) or by toggling the gridlevel (mousewheel) in a random way.

When I tried to use another setting then ‘integrated’ and set the resolution thingy to 3 (as it is with ‘integrated’) it didn’t do the job (mouse still nearly unuseable and the camera went crazy every time I entered turn mode). But when I choose ‘integrated’ and set the viewing distance to high - it still works.

Hopes that helps in solving my troubles.

Thanks in advance.