Massive lags every other 10 seconds


just bought the game on steam. Started playing. Game works but hangs for half a second every other 10 seconds or so. Changed GFX options, no change; Tried fullscreen, windowed and so on, no change.

Any tips?

Game is installed on a SATA 3 HDD; Setup is a 4770K, 32GB, System SSD and GTX1070 8GB on Win7 Ultimate.


I noticed steam / game maker is at fault for some of this happening, The game plays fine, but then steam and or game maker try pushing patches to the game while the game is open its causes the lag entire game stuttering to happen. I exit game then see the patch push trying to go through each time my game starts going lag crazy like that.

Bad part is steam client pushing it effects the game whilst folks are playing. They should place a user message warning note, as pushing patches when game is in play as caused many to lag or others entire game to become corrupted, and they lose all and have to re-install new non corrupted game after the patches done. Patching during open game corrupts files, and makes game super laggy or both to occur. Ive now had both options happen to me, entire zone no longer is loading due to the patch push happening while i was playing that zone. Left to ark, went back to zone and it now failes to load, all the while i noticed on steam it had a download 0% icon update trying to go into the game.

exited the game the patch went through, game no longer lags, but it now corrupted the zone i last saved in, so i cant play the game any more, totally broke my game with the lastest patch push today.

Strangely enough starting the EXE in Win7 compatibility mode seems to soften the problem. Now the sounds stutters from time to time and there still are visible lags and graphic jumps especially in battle scenes, but the game is at least playable now.

Can you send me a dxdiag? We can take a look for you. Thanks! /Mark

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Can’t include links here so - https link:

Disabling Aero Theme and launching in Win7 compatibility mode almost gets rid of the problem. This kinda feels so familiar.

Here is a link to Afterburner - https link: ibb DOT co/C0dqzJd

Plateau is wandering the wasteland. Total time is about 5 minutes.

Kinda silly rule that support posts can’t include links…

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Thanks! will take a look for you!

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