Perhaps More Instrument Weapons(or just instruments)

Not like modern instruments, obviously. But there are currently the giant horns and then medium drum, small drum. And only the drum for humorous weapons.
The bottles and table leg were added as more humorous (at least I laughed) weapons, we should get maybe 1 more instrument for weapons. Now, saying that, I don’t have an idea on what that should be, but I think we should discuss a possible future addition. (And the hit sound should be the instrument’s sound)

And as for the actual instruments that can be played, perhaps a big ol’ harp, or something. Maybe a xylophone that changes pitch depending on where you interact with it.

Potentially others!
Lemme know what you think.

There’s already a harp that can be played in the Aq DLC. Granted it’s a pedal harp and a smaller lever harp would be more appropriate. It can only play single notes though. I’ve tried.

A smaller harp that could be carried or equipped by a thrall would be cool. For music, not bashing though. I’m biased though as I play the lever harp.


Ahhh I forgot about the DLCs to be honest. But perhaps a lute, a lyre, or something small like you said.

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