Make the harp playable

When I say playable I mean for real. If you interact with the harp it player threw a set bunch of tons. My suggestion is to make it a working harp. The string you point at affects what note is played. I think you will find that the more creative players will surprise you with what they do with it.

Also why stop at the harp? Lets do something with the drums. maybe make 2 or 3 that each have a different ton. I’m spitballing now but I’m saying lets add some skill to the music.


Yes Yees YEES !

This reminds me of when FFXIV players wanted the Bard class to be able to play instruments outside of battle, the request was granted… only for us to find out most of Eorzea’s Bards were tone-deaf to say it nicely, some are quite good, but then the rest, yeah… I never thought I’d hear Jingle Bells played off-key on a pan flute, then it actually happened.

If this happens, which I would be all for, by the way, hopefully the people of the Exiled Lands are more musically inclined.


I would go out of my way to learn the harp just to play it in game if they made this a thing.

They did something like this in LOTRO a long, long time ago. Was rather neat. Though that was an MMO with a population to match, this game is rather desolate and empty by comparison.

Personally I would like it if we could assign an Entertainer thrall to an instrument, much like a crafting station, then they played the instrument. This has actually been requested numerous times in the past. Just type ‘musician thralls’ into the search engine and behold the results. It would be nice to have some instrumental music in our homes.


Why not both? Either us or a thrall plays the instrument. Would the melodies played simply make us enthralled or would they have some type of effect as well? :thinking:


Yeah musician thralls (or putting entertainer ones “in/on” instruments) are one of the more longstanding niche requests (it’s certainly been on my list for a while).

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I’m all for this… as I’ve chimed in before, I play on a 32 string lever harp.

And a picture (without me playing… I’m camera shy)


What a beauty! :heart_eyes:

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Yes, good suggestion. Every musical instrument could have a thrall spot and Entertainer thralls could be placed at the instruments. Only thing is, how to get them to all play something coherent at the same time, or else it would sound like a bad pre-teen garage band. Perhaps a way that the music would be synced with other thrall attended instruments within a certain radius, kind of like the building footprint. Getting actual music tracks would be the easiest part.

Thanks. I’m not the best, but at Christmas my friends all clamor for me to play.

I believe you.

I definitely would like to be able to assign a thrall to play the harp and drums that exist in the game.

I have a feeling that it would be more difficult on a technical level to have the player do it. However, if they could indeed pull it off, then sure ill support it.

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JTtheDestroyer that is absolutely awesome mate! A beautiful instrument. I am a musician myself, also from the string family. And although I have never played the Harp myself, a friend I had when I was younger did, and it looked very challenging. Very relaxing too.

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