Pet dosent attack

Game type: Singleplayer
Game mode: PVE
Version: branch testlive 2.6b

Not sure if it’s a new issue, but I got a greater hyena today and started leveling it, suddenly I noticed it stopped attacking. It stood there in combat ready animation and never attacked anymore.
It also dosent responds to attack command, but it still obays stop, move and return.
I changed attack mode to protect me, to attack all enemies, changed attack range to 50 and back to 15, changed chase range to 30 and back to 15. Even set it to guard at the base, went to kill the giant croc with another thrall and returned, yet the pet still dosent attack.


Thank you for playing testlive @Agnusthemagi :blush:
I hope this bug doesn’t find it’s way in the release version. Entertainers already have the same struggle with their willingness to fight after reaching a certain level. >.<

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That may be related then, I think it was level 6 it stopped fightning.
I did not notice this with other pets, but I might as well level another or maybe another hyena to see if it repeats.

Update: I restarted the singleplayer game after roughtly 6 hours open, and now the pet in question is attacking normally. I will still capture a new hyena and try leveling it to 6 to see if there is any pattern.

Maybe the pet wants you to do some work for once I think :thinking::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Maybe, because, I trained another hyena and leveled it and the behavior did not happen again.
There is a bug but not so easly replicable, and hopefully it will fix when player logs off and in again or on server reset.

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