Pet foods not working correctly

Most pets have 1-3 foods that either do not heal them, do not overwrite the stat buff of a food they are replacing (ie pet using bark for a str buff, then you put on say fiber for a vit buff and nothing happens), and/or provide no stat buff like previously or their food table shows.

Look at unappetizing fish for a greater bear. Should add +14 str, and heal some. It will add the +14% str only if the bear currently has no food boost and it does not heal any. If the bear has a buff from a diff food, like honey, the unappetizing fish doesnt overwrite the boost from honey

Honey for Bears is like Pork for human Thralls - it’s their lowest healing food, but it gives them +25% melee damage modifier (all other foods on their list give them only +10%). People used to stack these effects (to get a +35% bonus), but there’s been a comparatively recent change to make that no longer possible. Now, when a follower eats the food in the top left of their list, they get the 25% buff, but they won’t eat anything else for the next hour (or possibly two), after which they should be able to switch to another food. I believe this has been confirmed as an intended change (but I’m not sure, I may be misremembering that).

That may explain all of the issues you are seeing, or it may not - it all depends what other followers you’re experiencing it with and what foods you’ve fed them.

Thanks but I’m talking about using the foods for the leveling percentages, not the dmg buff that they get from a food.

The buff is per-level and is based on the first food a pet eats that level. So if you give a pet a 14% stat chance food at level 1, that modifier will be in place until it turns level 2. At that time, the next food your pet eats will set the modifier for the next level-up. You cannot change modifiers on-demand. This is how it has always been written. If at any point you were able to switch bonuses at-will, then THAT was a bug.

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