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This question covers all platforms.

Can baby elephants be captured and raised as pets?

On a Gportal Xbox server, I tried to catch a baby elephant, but could not do it. Is it even possible to catch/tame a baby elephant?

Hey Valkyrja,

At the moment it’s not possible to raise/tame baby elephants :slight_smile: Maybe sometime in the future :wink:


No. Nor should it be IMO - the Rhino is already pushing the boundaries of reasonable pet sizes. But, different people different strokes.


I agree the mammoth and elephant have extremely op attacks which kill people in heavy within 4 hits or even less depending on the attack could come down to 2 or even 1 also the animations are very buggy. My suggestion is just don’t do it.

It was humorous anyway. My character chasing this baby elephant around the savanna while trying to avoid adult elephants, rhinos, and tigers. All the way I am yelling, “Come here you little ba5tard! I want to take you home and take care of you!” LOL


I also had a great moment on the Savannah recently. I was hunting elephants (adult or calf, I don’t discriminate!), but apparently I got too close to one of the calves, so an adult elephant comes charging.

I nimbly dodge out of the way (read: maniacally press the roll button until out of stamina), and the elephant proceeds to headbutt its young out of the map.


Elephant moms are fierce…just saying…also they will never forget if you stole one of their babies. So we decided it’s probably safer for everyone involved to not involve baby elephants :wink:

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My ex-girlfriend used to say something similar: “Come here and let me love you!”


My hope (and theory) is that the elephant will be tied to the siege system update they mention (where they explain some of the nerfing of vaults, orbs, …etc.). Maybe not as a pet, but as a battering ram or the carrier for new siege tools. Where you load it up with the tools in its in inventory (maybe 25 slots?). It would also only be a place able (that can be returned to inventory) you have to carry to the site and strategically place. It would not attack unless attacked directly (maybe a small radius of like 12 foundations is its aggro zone???), If you place it close enough to the walls of an enemy’s castle, it will aggro and try and knock down the walls (Raid Time only of course:)). It would just be a self defending mini vault of sorts. Thus reducing the vault spams for FOB’s on servers.

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Hey… if mama elephant is getting in the way of my character having a baby elephant of her own to love and hold… my character will have to kill mama!!! LOL

I found a picture of her:



Valkyrja, sheesh have you not figured it out as to why?

Rhino’s barely fit in the T3 pens at the moment , so to tame elephants Funcom would have to make bigger pens.

Kinda think we know how bigger pens would be received by the “base”.- not well.

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Trust me… I know the size issue… LOL… I still want an elephant or even better a mammoth after all the heart wants what the heart wants!!!

I do not care how much DUNG I will need to remove from the pen. Maybe Funcom can add a HARDENED STEEL SHOVEL to make cleaning out the pens easier!

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It would be relatively simple to put “penned” elephants, tied to the outside of an animal pen to get by the size issue. Similar to how an alchemist does not sit ON the cauldron, but instead, is “next” to it.
If the issue is that they plan on making the elephants into some sort of siege weapon, then that’s cool.


Why stop at elephants? Has anyone tried picking up a dragon hatchling?

I actually joked about that with a clan member. I told him to look for me running out of the Unnamed City with a baby Green Dragon on my shoulders and mama dragon hot on my tail breathing fire! LOL

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Wow, like they’re not stretching the unreal engine to breaking point already :wink:

My predicament…

lol, that was me and my wife the other day

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NO elephants for you!!