Petruso's 7 prophets

Does anyone know all the ones he speaks of in this line? I can think of a few myself but I’m a bit more confused on some others and wondering if anyone else might have some more insight on the matter.

Ripping from the wiki, the full quote is:


Seven prophets went a-walking, bearing all their tricks, one was caught by Hanuman, and soon t’was only six.

Six prophets went a-climbing, to get above the hive, one was stung by locusts wings, and then t’were only five.

Five prophets went a-crawling, beneath the city floor, one went mad with power, and soon there were just four.

Four prophets went a-dancing, beneath the corpse-fruit tree, one climbed up and stayed there, leaving just the three.

Three prophets went a-fighting, through the pirates crew, one became a mutineer, and soon there were just two.

Two prophets went a-wandering, beneath the burning sun, one got lost in a sandstorm, and left the other one.

One prophet went a-gathering, the artefacts of yore, he put them all together and was never seen no more.

The seventh prophet being caught by Hanuman to me seems to be in reference to Valis the Loyal, implying he was with Petruso and the Lemurians, from before the fall of the Giant-Kings.

The sixth I think is about the scourgestone piece in the passage. My theory is it was once carried by this prophet, before they were killed and the piece was taken by the sand reaper queen.

The fifth I have no idea. Beneath the city floor mad with power. Shot in the dark but maybe the witch queen? Not sure. Maybe a scrapped idea for a different boss in Gallaman’s tomb?

Fourth again no idea, a corpse-fruit tree to me sounds like someone was hung or crucified. I don’t imagine this means us the player given the context, but who else would have been crucified?

Third the mutineer I’m assuming is how the Black Hand got a piece, but if that is the case it would be far more recent than before the sandstorm was trapped by Petruso.

Second I think is Petruso himself, as he was bound to the sandstorm he lost his mind in it.

The one I think represents us, or more accurately his hope for someone to break the curse and make the keystone.

Does anybody else have any ideas? Just trying to get some more clarity on the things he says so I can understand it all a bit better.


agreed, Valis

eaten by reaper queen of the passage

the sewers with abysmal remnant reference,
maybe the chatty staff

summoning place reference, he fell to Abyss of Yog maybe

that’s obvious, he joined black hand, ergo we can grab scourgestone piece from some named pirates

I think you’re correct, this is Petruso

he left exiled lands, be it player reference… maybe


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