Pets Are Tamed, Named, but None Came When Called?

If our pets are tamed, why can’t we summon them to our side? I’m tired of my pet scouting if I get kicked from the server for some repetitious unresolved developmental reason only to have to go searching for them if they wandered off, or if I’m in a volatile environment and they’re already engaged in combat. I should be able to call them to my side.

After getting disconnected from The Grove, I logged back in to find that my pet was locked to bosses away from me because I was all the way back at the beginning again, while my pet uselessly stands in front of the door to the second boss waiting for me to reach him and interact to say [Follow] me. Really?

Giving us a summon feature can’t be that difficult.

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I definitely feel the pain.

Being able to “Call them” would definitely make this a video game.

But i almost like not having this feel like a complete game!

Edit: As for them scouting i would like this changed also, (for when you die as well)
Would be nice if they just instead, stood guard at the place of death/disconnection.

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Or at least whistle them back or something. Maybe make them return to our base automatically or nearby the respawn area.

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