Pets disappearing when putting on mode "guard"

Game mode: Singleplayer
Problem: Bug
Region: France ? don’t get it… my avatar war close to the “Point d’observation” blackhand camp

Hi everyone I’m sorry I am new here and not so good in english.
Normally, when I want to stop a pet following me and put it on “guard” mode, I move the pet and just press R1 (I’m on PS4) . However, here I was putting my greater hyena (french très grande Hyène, PV ~8000!!! ) when she just disappeared.
No message was displayed on the screen telling me she was stopping to follow me.
Nothing appeared in the log book. Worse it’s even as she never exists.
The problem is that she was wearing all the stuff I wanted to move from one old camp to a new one.
She was named “Brutale très grande hyène”, it happened at 22:01 the 30.05.2019. I was just next to my camp but she is not coming back home.
How can I find her back?
It’s already the third time a pet companion is disappearing like that without any message.
Once it appeared the panther was just blocked walking under water.
Now it’s more like the Hyena was disappearing inside a rock…

What can I do?
Thanks a lot in advance.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

Fyi it’s a Greater Hyena. You likely lost her.

Try translating anything with

Feel free to add the original message in French to the post.

Thanks for your reply.
Why does this bug happen?

Cette probleme/Ce numéro(?) est lié à (ou un duplicata de)

This issue is related to (or a duplicate of)

qui fait l’objet d’une enquête de la part des développeurs

which is being investigated by the developers



qui a été résolu. Vous devriez essayer ce qui suit :
Pourriez-vous vérifier votre journal d’événements et voir s’il y a une entrée sur le tigre ? Il est très probablement rentré chez lui, qui est son dernier poste de garde désigné.

which has been resolved. You should try the following:

Hey @Ignasi

Could you look if these issues are closely enough related for the threads to be merged or linked in another way?

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