Pets Food Issue

Game mode: [Online official]
Type of issue: [Bug]
Server type: [PvP]
Region: [Oceania]

Hello, i realise few days ago that pets got bug with the food, after eat a certain food, they won’t eat any others food than the “buggy” one. No other buff “chance stat proc” than the one from the specific buggy food and no more RegenHP effect if the pet don’t eat the buggy food.

I got some Greater Panthers, i used to feed them with the Savoury Flesh or Feral Flesh.
During i was LvLing one of them, i fed him with Exquisite Meat, when i want to come back to another meat, the Panther didn’t eat anything else than the Exquisite Meat, he couldn’t regen from any other foods or change his “chance to proc” buff.

I try it on my Rhinos, they have the same issue with Bark. If i feed them with some Bark, they refuse to eat anything else.

Unfortunatly, i didnt understand why my pet didn’t regen HP even he get 200 Savoury Flesh in his inventory … He die during a Purge event …

Is there any chance this issue will be fix soon ? I got some pets i cannot use beacause they won’t get the regenHP or/and not the right “chance of proc” buff on the right stat .

Thank you for your attention. Conan Exiles is a great game !

Edit : After a pet eat a food that provide a buff who give a multiple stats “chtoproc” (exemple : Panther eat Exquisite meat (7% Str & 7% Vit), the pet cannot eat food that give a buff “chtoproc” to only 1 stat anymore and don’t receive the regenHP bonus from it (exemple : Panther eat Exotic Flesh (14% Surv).

this change was introduce to mitigate the food swaping to buff infinitely followers , now you need to wait ( around 2hours) to be able to swap to a different type of food

Hello Kanza1, thanks for answer.

But it’s already 2 days i check my rhino, and he don’t eat anything else than Bark till now.
Same for 1 of my panthers, i try to feed different foods before to give him the Exquisite Meat and i can see the buff on stats change and the regenHP, in this order : Savoury Flesh -> Feral Flesh -> Exotic flesh -> Exquisite Meat, only few seconds laps between each foods eaten, and then after the Exquisite Meat, nothing change anymore and the panthers don’t take any other food, even after using the button [Take] in his inventory.

I think the bug is real.

I continue to try things about that, i can make the pets eat foods that provide multiple stats “chtoproc” Buffs in case of the panther

  • Bone Broth (provide Str +7% Agi +3% Surv +3%)
  • Exquisite Meat (provide Str +7% Vit +7%)
    The panther eat the both food without issue, but still, he don’t eat foods that provide single stat “chtoproc” buff (Feral flesh (Agi +14%), Savoury Flesh (Vit +14%) or Exotic Flesh (Surv +14%)).

i edit my main post.

What I’ve noticed is once your follower eats whatever is the first option in its diet, the option that grants it a 25% strength damage bonus, it refuses to eat and heal from food items except that one type.

Hello Recoilsuave,

About the Panthers and Rhinos, Exquisite meat and Bark are listed 1rst in their list of prefered food.
And they keep they 25% Dmg buffs whatever happen with food.

Hey there,

Thanks for the heads-up. We’ve notified our team so they can look into it.

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Thank you to have a look to this topic Ignasis !

Hope you can fix this.

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