Pets vanishing after Logout

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I ve got Pets like tigers on follow. Even on follow to carry Equipment while a PiPPI-Teleport. Since a week or so, after logging out and in the ve been gone and stand at the posistion when the last PIPPI-Teleport starts. I got it and moved on.
Sincs 7.3.19 the Pet vanishes completly. Ive lost a white Tiger, then tried it with a normal tiger and with a puma. Both were lost, too. Shortest time beeing off was about 1 hour.

Please provide a step-by-step process of how the bug can be reproduced. The more details you provide us with the easier it will be for us to find and fix the bug:

  1. Moving to Distance of the home point.
  2. put the Tiger to the ground and tell it to follow.
    3.make the PIPPI-Teleport ( /home)
  3. walk around to put things into storages
  4. Move to your home
  5. Log out.
  6. Log in later
  7. the pet is gone

I think this has most likely to do with mods that are installed.
Which mods do you have running?

Sexy Silent Legion Armour
Warrior Mutator
Savage steel
Speech bubbles
Greater camera distance
Aquelonian females
RP Asthetics
Conan sexiles

Another nice thing… The panter has returned. This time he waits outsider my castle and was Guarding. So maybe the other pets might be in the Wilderness elsewhere.

If your pets are in follow mod, then you log-off, after 10 minutes they will go home to theyr home position. This is the position you set them. Also if you let them in scouting state, they will return home, same if you die.
Take a look at your base, or where you set the home of your pets.

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I searched the base an had a look on fodder-boxes … the white tiger was missing…
I logged allways off at home in my castle in a save room.
Before i logged off i sawthat cat directly face to face.

There is another pet problem that occurs since the same time
i pick up a pet that is following and it is rtold “… had died while following you” but it is alive in my inventory. I put it to ground and it is fully healthy… this happened to all that 3 cats.

So that may be really mod related then here. Because in vanilla game you can’t pick up your pets. Or loadorder maybe, no clue.

Myself i use better thralls, and had no problem so.

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Okay… but the pick up pets works…
i Found the Tiger in the Wilderness… he guards the Chest near the Plains where Elephants rhinos and Tigers walk around…
Maybe its apositioning problem… next time i ll try to pick the pet up und see if it is vanished at relog.

I think also you get confused when placing them at some points.
If you pick up them, then set them out again in the wild, this point will become theyr homepoint, and of course, they will still go back there if they’re in iddle, if you let them in follow mod while log-out, die, or in scouting mod. Each time you reset the pet in the world, it’s a new home position for them.

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The new homepoint may be a reason… i ll try to figure out that point. But then the white tiger will be there somewhere.

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Okay. The problem is solved and identified as stupid User (ME) …
The white tiger stands in the wilderness at a point where i set him to follow me into a dungeon… frequently killing spider which were walking by, and dances in the sun.

The homepoint set was the problem. Thanks for the hints.


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